The Authentic 2 Inch
Colonial Wooden Blind

DeVenco has become too good to operate in just one place anymore!

We have handed over all our specialized, antique, one-of-a-kind, Wooden Blinds-making machinery to our associate craftsmen,
Suber Products Inc. Bainbridge, Georgia

Not only have they taken the tools, but made off with some of our best talent that can produce the exact same quality, authentic wooden blinds America has come to expect from the brand DeVenco.

They can be contacted at the phone number:

(850) 508-3991

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Children Come First

At DeVenco it is our endeavor to offer our period replication wooden blind authentically reproduced in every detail. In light of recent concerns regarding the lift cord and the safety of children, we are now offering two additional tassels for the lift cord. Be certain that there are no loops in your blind cord that may possibly be a hazard to small children.

Please be mindful of your child's safety when placing children's furniture near your blinds, Roman shades or draw draperies.

An Interesting Note: Many people are unaware that Thomas Jefferson listed his wooden blinds in his last will and testament. In fact, many wills from the 18th and 19th centuries list the wooden blinds as property to be dispersed according to the deceased's wishes.

In previous times window blinds were constructed by hand and were intended to last more than a single lifetime. In today's "easier to replace than repair" society, DeVenco still builds a blind that can last multiple generations.

Your DeVenco blinds will still require maintenance every decade or two, but they should not be discarded. DeVenco will restore your blinds to near new condition in about 2 weeks and return them for another decade's service.

And you might want to have your will updated.

DeVenco Builds Blinds To Last a Lifetime
In 6 To 8 Weeks Time


DeVenco Offers 2 Styles of Wooden Blinds

The DeVenco Authentic Period Blind

  • All wood head rails
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Traditional solid brass tiltor
  • Multi- stopped positive hold brass cord lock
  • Wood pulley cord guides
  • Traditional turned wood tassels
  • All wood bottom rail counter weight
  • Heavy weave 1 1/2 inch herringbone tape

The DeVenco Craftsman Blind

  • All wood head rails
  • All nickel finish metal hardware
  • Universal all metal cord tiltor
  • Universal all metal positive hold cord lock
  • Wood or brass pulley cord guides
  • Traditional turned wood tassels
  • All wood bottom rail counter weight
  • Heavy weave 1 1/2 inch herringbone tape
  • Option for cable ladder tapes
Fascia not shown to display hardware details.

Mouse-Over for a closer look.
Fascia not shown to display hardware details.

Mouse-Over for a closer look.

Watch our video to see how easy it is
to install our Authentic Wooden Blinds.

And here is a 2-page Installation sheet
if you'd prefer a paper version.

Two inch wooden blinds date to the earliest days in Williamsburg and Massachusetts

All wooden blinds are produced of the highest quality materials. At DeVenco there are no “stock sizes” or prefab parts. All work is done in our shop by skilled craftsmen to the highest standards in the industry. Each blind is cut by hand and then sanded and buffed by hand in preparation for finishing. Each blind will receive at least 5 coats of paint and primer or 5 coats of varnish and sealer giving a superlative finish. At DeVenco there are no standard paint colors. We will match whatever color you specify in any brand of paint available.

After the finish is properly cured, the blind is assembled by hand and inspected for imperfections and shipped. Allow 4 to 6 weeks total production time.

DeVenco ships an extra prefinished slat with each blind for the unlikely event that a replacement is needed at some point in the future. Should any other parts be required, of course they are available at a nominal cost with a simple phone call.

To your credit our forte is replicating historic designs. We do not manufacture an inexpensive mass produced pop-out-of-the-mold, one of six decorator colors type of product. What we offer is high quality hand crafted blinds and shutters that you will be proud of for years to come; that will be passed down to the next generation and that matches near as possible what the original architect may have specified.

Whether You Have a new home designed to replicate period architecture or an actual home of period significance, your windows deserve the finest. The windows are often the primary architectural asset of a room. Their treatment is not insignificant to the room or the house. Consider them carefully.

The above is the first known advertisement to appear in the “New World”

This ad was placed in the “Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser” on August 20, 1767 by one John Webster, Upholster from London, who lived in Philadelphia. It is likely that Webster supplemented his income with the manufacture of wooden blinds and would have been one if the earliest craftsmen in the colonies to produce this “newly invented” window decoration. It is believed that Philadelphia and Charleston, S.C. were the towns where wooden blinds were first produced commercially, though it is very likely that local cabinetmakers and other craftsmen around New England and Virginia would also have profited from the production of this very popular and practical “Venetian Sun Shade.”

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