Blinds of Williamsburg
The early New World settlement known as Williamsburg still exists today exhibiting the early trades and crafts and original architecture of the Eighteenth Century. One can stroll the streets of Williamsburg and see a piece of Americana history, live and in person complete with re-enactments in character, of the times and events of the day. The many customs and products of the day may be seen including jewelry, firearms, furniture, clothing and of course, original architectural detail, restored or recreated from the original. Among the architectural details, one cannot help noticing the common use of wooden venetian blinds in a great many of the homes and other buildings. Wooden blinds were very poplar for homes, both the common homes as well as the finest homes in the land. This popularity stems from the abundance of wood available for manufacture and an adequate number of craftsmen in the furniture and upholstery trades who were capable of manufacturing them.
We at DeVenco are proud to have restored or manufactured blinds in many of these buildings including the Payton Randolph House, The Governors Palace, Raleigh Tavern and William And Mary College to name only a few.

Many people are completely unaware that wooden blinds date back to this era or earlier until they are noticed at the windows of the homes in Williamsburg.

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