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Why Cafe Shutters?

Cafe Shutters are not merely "the bottom half of a full set" of shutters. They are actually a full set of specifically constructed shutters built for the specific purpose of covering the lower portion of the window.

For tall windows you may want to enjoy the incoming daylight while preserving privacy from the curious eyes of a passerby on outside walkways. The term "Cafe Shutters" originally evolved from cafe curtains which are also applied to the lower portion of a window for the same purpose.

Additionally "shorter" shutters will block out distracting views such as parking lots or utilities and mechanicals while displaying sky, clouds, trees and higher foliage. A person entering such a room is free to imagine a prettier scene than may actually exist behind the shutters.

If you have north facing or heavily shaded windows, you may not need the upper portion of your windows covered at all.

We at Americana construct shutters of all sizes, shapes and configuration. You should not feel that you are relegated to a particular style or design. Be Bold. We will fabricate for your windows whatever you imagine.

Picture the View With
Cafe Style Shutters

All of our shutter styles; Victorian, Plantation, Caribbean, Raised Panel, and even our Wooden Blinds or Porch Shades can be configured in the "Cafe Style".
Below are some illustrated examples of Victorian and Plantation. If you hold your mouse/cursor over them for a moment, a detailed image will appear.

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Cafe Styled Plantation Shutters

With the 2 ½ Inch Operable Louver

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Contact us if you have any questions regarding sizes, measuring, and fitting whatever configuration suites your windows.

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